In-Ground Pools

in ground pool installation fredericksburg va

Trust a Professional for Your In-Ground Pool Installation

We go above and beyond with pre- and post-installation service in Fredericksburg, VA

In-ground pools are great investments. They can quickly add entertainment, style and value to your home. Bob's Pools and Spas offers in-ground pool installation services for homeowners in the Fredericksburg, VA area. We guarantee competitive prices for all our services, including pre- and post-installation assistance.

Want to upgrade your backyard with an in-ground pool? Contact us today to set up your installation appointment.

Choose between plaster and vinyl-lined pools

When you're looking at in-ground pools, you'll have two primary options: plaster and vinyl-lined. Bob's Pools and Spas has a team specially trained to handle both styles.

Before you begin your in-ground pool installation, consider the benefits of each type of pool:

Plaster Pools
Long-lasting | Affordable installations | Low-maintenance

Vinyl-Lined Pools
Stain-resistant | Customizable | Fewer chemical treatments

We also offer in-ground pool repair services. Call us today for more information about our in-ground pools.