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I called another company, beacuse they were closer, to come test my water of my pool. The other company came out and tested my water and had me buy new chemicals to add to fix the problem. A day later, I still had issues with my water. The other company then came back out and put in chemicals to reverse what they had me do the day before. Finally, I'd had enough! I called Bob and he was able to help me over the phone! He was able to fix my problem without coming to my location. Thanks!

Joan F.

Happy Customer

I was lucky to find Bob's Pool and Spa summer of 2015. My above ground pool, that was 20 years old, was rusting. Bob and his employees came out and rebuilt my pool and replaced the liner in a short period of time and at a very reasonable price. Bob opens and closes my pool each year. He is very knowledgeable about pools and spas. I bought a spa from him a year ago. If I have any questions about the pool or spa, I either give him a call or stop by the store. He and his employees are extremely friendly, a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend Bob's Pool and Spa to all that enjoy swimming and relaxing outside.

Jewel Lair

Great service, friendly people, and.very professional.

Erik Hans Ingram

I have had Bob's Pools & Spas open and close, and service my inground pool, of 35,000 gallons since 2010. I am very pleased with their service. Bob explained more to me about how to take care of my pool than the company who built it for us! Bob is always very helpful. He and his workers are always very courteous and clean up after themselves. If they are going to be late, they call me as soon as they can to let me know they will be late.
I highly recommend Bob's Pools & Spas

Linda Foldvik

Bob has taken care of our pool since we built our house 20 years ago. He and his company have always been there for us and are very responsive, knowledgeable and most importantly trustworthy. Every pool is different and they all have issues of some kind eventually. Bob takes the time to explain clearly what the potential issues are when we have had problems and will even check on our pool periodically when he's in the area working with another customer. We highly recommend him!

Dennis Woods