Spa Installations and Services

Please note Limited Availability on Spas Currently. Due to Covid-19 Supplier shortages. Currently an 18 month wait on Aspen Spas.

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Taking a Load Off Has Never Been Easier

Relax in a spa from Bob's Pools & Spas in Fredericksburg, VA

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and relaxing in a gorgeous spa that will take your stress away. You can make that dream a reality by working with Bob's Pools & Spas in Fredericksburg, VA.

When you're ready to install a luxurious and relaxing spa you'll love, hire our knowledgeable contractors. We work with Aspen Spas. You'll only have the best installed at your home.

Call us for an initial consultation. We'll discuss your needs and go over the installation process so you'll know what's involved. If you're ready to enjoy a quality spa for an affordable price, work with Bob's Pools & Spas in Fredericksburg, VA.

In addition to spa services, our certified pool operators can also help you with pool maintenance and repairs. Schedule your appointment now by calling Bob's Pools & Spas at 540-693-7665.